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Who We Are

We the Coding Studio, an IT Service provider and Developer which develops eminent solutions for the current business problems.

We provide Corporate Training and Workshops in various recent budding Technologies for Academia and IT Companies. Academic Internships are also provided so as to enrich the quality of the Interns. We offer Placement guidance and assistance.


The Company emphasizes in building Reliable and Eminent Software Solutions to transform Customer's Vision into Digital Reality with ease. We desire to bring a revolutionary change in the World through AI and M2M. Our Ultimate Motto is to sense and assure Customer's satisfaction.


We build Professional or personal Mobile Apps. Making the best out of look & feel design with most care and sensible effects as per the Client's aspire. We build smart Internet of Things applications for Home Automation, Visitor Detection, Controlling Electrical Appliances.


To Provide Sensible Solutions for Home Automation through IoT. We believe in "Teach Till You Learn" empirically for carving State of the Art Techies. We nurture your skills and make you capable to Crack various Opportunities in diverse Domains. Stepping towards Machine Learning & Deep Learning so as to build Innovative solutions.


We organize an Youtube Channel where you can find e-classes for most of the recent budding technologies. We teach from the scratch and provide end to end course for free. We host Technical Workshops in Academic Institute on recent technologies like Android, IoT, Python, Data Structures, Java, DBMS, NoSQL, C Language, LEGO EV3.

What We Do

We create intelligent solutions for the current business problems. Establishing a new era in Design & Development of Flexible and Feasible Softwares with Interactive User Interface.


We build Professional or personal Apps with at most passion to fulfill the customer's desire. The UI of the Apps will have rich look & Feel and user friendly. We build Apps on both the platforms Android and iOS.


We build smart Internet of Things applications for Home Automation, Visitor Detection, Controlling Electrical Appliances using Google Assistant/ Cortana/ Alexa etc...


Making the best out of look & feel design with most care and sensible effects as per the Client's aspire. We follow advanced security standards to prevent Data leaks.


The training will be provided with Corporate Standards and with Hands on Expertise in the Domains like Internet of Things, Android, Java, Python, Web Technologies, DBMS, NoSQL - MongoDB, Data Structures, C Programming Language, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks and Ethical Hacking.


We guide you in transforming your Ideas into Products through Analysis, Design, Implementation and Doc. We guide you to crack the Coding Competitions. We will discuss all the Layers / Tiers involved in Completing the Projects like Request Processing Logic, Business Logic and Persistency Layers


We provide Security Strategies with High Level Programming-APIs and Intense Penetration Testing. We also implement Protocols and secured Firewalls to prevent from Intrusion by the Hackers.

What Students Are Saying...

I have never seen such a crew like you, i am very interested to attend the workshops more in future.

Author image Bhargavi Student, SKIT

Teaching about tools which helps us to be creative is wonderful. giving you guys a whole hearted appreciation.

Author image Uthej Karnam Student, SDTN

The way you taught is excellent and the team interaction with students is satisfied.

Author image Anitha Student, SKIT

This workshop helps us a lot and it gives more knowledge to us and we are very thankfull to ur team for your excellent support and explanation thank you

Author image Divya Sri Student, SITE

We get idea about IoT😊😊 ....we understand technology behind work of IoTπŸ“ŸπŸ“±...thanks for showing inovative way to us.πŸ‘..

Author image Poojitha Student, SITE

The teaching was good.It helped me to gain knowledge about IoT. It is useful in present and future days of mine.....thank you

Author image Sai Prathyusha Student, SITE

Good job awaiting to learn more from you, please conduct few more workshops on Machine learning..thank you

Author image Supriya Student, SITE

really great job from you,that we are gained practical knowledge else before

Author image Chennakesavulu Student, SITE

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Effective Study Skills and Mind Mapping Strategies in Govt. Rural Colleges


Here are some of the Technologies, we work with.

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Andhra Pradesh - 517501.